MacCoffee and Kracks play "KVN"

MacCoffee and Kracks were the sponsors of the Festival of the Funny and Inventive Teams (KVN) in Suzdal (the Vladimir Region). Our company prepared questions about our range of products and nice promotional gifts for guests and participants of the event.

It is the fourth time when our company has become the sponsor of the KVN in the Vladimir Region. This festival is always held in the open air, which creates a perfect atmosphere for jokes, geniality and fun. This year teams from different Russian cities came to take part in the event. The special guest was a KVN higher league team - Kefir (Nyagan). Spectaculars also came from different parts of our country, there were about 3500 of them.

Participants, spectaculars and guests, at the request of the showmaster, answered questions and received promotional gifts such as mugs, baseball caps from MacCoffee and rugs from Kracks. The collection of verses about the brands was also joined by new ones.

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